Defund the Chicago Police Department

Notes: Chicago Police Department expenditure totals are for the City’s Corporate Fund only. Other City department totals are for All Funds, including federal and grant-funded expenditures. CPS spending on ODLSS (special education) is from the original FY2020 budget, but CPS committed to increase spending following the 2019 teachers strike.
Sources: Chicago FY2020 Budget Ordinance; Chicago Park District FY2020 Budget Summary; City Colleges of Chicago FY2020 Operating Budget; Chicago Housing Authority FY2020 Budget; Chicago Public Schools FY2020 Operating Budget

What We Believe

  • Black Lives Matter.
  • We must end police brutality and racism.
  • Decades of overpolicing have destroyed Black and Brown communities in Chicago and across America.
  • We spend entirely too much of Chicago’s resources on police.
  • We must defund the police and redirect spending toward services that uplift our communities, at the direction of those communities.

The purpose of this website is to educate Chicagoans about the massive amounts of money we spend on the Chicago Police Department. In FY2020 the City budgeted over $1.6 billion, fully 37% of the total Corporate Budget. The examples of other spending in the images above are for comparison and not meant to be concrete proposals for what to do with the money once we defund the police. Instead, we must listen to Black and Brown communities to know how the City should redirect these resources.

What You Can Do

  1. Share these images on social media, using the hashtag #DefundCPD.
  2. Contact Mayor Lightfoot and your Alderman. Demand that they dramatically cut the Chicago Police Department budget and redirect the funds to more socially beneficial purposes in our communities. Please also demand that they support the Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) Ordinance.
  3. Donate to organizations fighting to defund the Chicago Police Department and hold it accountable:

4. Participate in demonstrations and protests to the extent you are able to safely.